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"Говорите об истине с ищущими ее и о знании с согрешившими заблуждением." (Евангелие Истины)

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К сведению новичков: регистрация на гностическом форуме подразумевает, что вы либо уже обладаете, либо активно желаете приобрести познания о Гнозисе. Рекомендуем перед тем, как вступать в дискуссии, хотя бы минимально ознакомиться с исследованиями по теме, например с работой Алексеева "Античное христианство и гностицизм". Голословные и апологетически-догматические утверждения категорически не приветствуются и могут повлечь за собой блокировку либо удаление аккаунта.
Сторонникам иных Путей с уважением напоминаем, что данный форум посвящен исключительно гностическим учениям, и убедительно просим не флудить.
Аккаунты попов, ментов и прочих агрессивных пророков демиурга удаляются немедленно.

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Dead Can Dance - Anastasis (2012)

Children Of The Sun

We are ancient
As ancient as the sun
We came from the ocean
Once our ancestral home
So that one day
We could all return
To our birthright
The great celestial dome

We are the children of the sun
Our journey's just begun
Sunflowers in our hair
We are the children of the sun
There is room for everyone
Sunflowers in our hair

Throughout the ages
Of iron, bronze, and stone
We marvelled at the night sky
And what may lie beyond
We burned our frames
To the elemental ones
Made sacrifices
For beauty, peace and love

We are the children of the sun
Our kingdom will come
Sunflowers in our hair
We are the children of the sun
Our carnival's began
Our songs will fill the air

And you know it's time
To look for reasons why
Just reach up and touch the sky
To the heavens we will sing
We are the children of the sun
Our journey has begun

Are we older children
Come out at night
And even soulless
Great hunger in their eyes
Unaware of the beauty
That sleeps tonight

And all the queen's horses
And all the king's men
Will never put these children back
Together again
Faith, hope, our charities
Breathe slow, our enemies

We are the children of the sun
We are the children of the sun


Saw the demonstration
On remembrance day
Lest we forget the lesson
Enshrined in funeral clay
History is never written
By those who've lost
The defeated must bear witness to
Our collective memory loss

With every generation comes
Another memory lapse
See the demonstrations of
Failing to learn from our past
We live in the dreamtime
Nothing seems to last
Can you really plan a future
When you no longer have a past

Memories fall from the trees
Memories like autumn leaves

If we are subject to
Empirical minds
I wonder what lies beyond
Our memory's confines
If memory is the true
Sum of who we are
May your children know the truth
And shine like the brightest star

Memory, help me see
Memory, set me free

All my love and all my kisses
Sweet Mnemosyne


I feel like I want to live
Far from the metropolis
Just walk through that door
I feel like I want to fly
Reach out to the painted sky
A prisoner to the wind
A bird on the wing

I feel the ocean in my blood
See rain from the sky above
Her song blind tears
And now
Those tears leave taste on my tongue
Like the warm rush you get from
Black opium
Black opium

I feel like I want to leave
Behind all these memories
And walk through that door
The black night calls my name
But all roads look the same
They lead nowhere
They lead nowhere

All In Good Time

All your ships
Have left their moorings
Cast adrift
On the Sargasso Sea
Waiting for the wind
To set your sails free

When you've reached
The end of your rainbow
Chasing shadows
And down on your luck
Look for the sign
Look for a sign

As you rise to the very top
Of your mountain
Just remember those
Poor lost souls
On their way down

You taught me patience
Was a virtue
I took my time
Let Nature take her cause
All was revealed
All in good time

Turn back your clocks
Open up your memories
Beneath the veil
Where time stands still
You showed me a sign
You showed me the sign


...И он улыбнулся и сказал мне: "Душа, в которой сила станет больше духа обманчивого,
- она сильна, и бежит от лукавства, и попечением нерушимого спасена, и взята в покой эонов".

Апокриф Иоанна

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